The gallery and garden will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Friday, and will reopen on Saturday.

Gail Norfleet: Made in Layers is on view through December 7.

Watch a discussion with Gail Norfleet, Jim Woodson, and Sedrick Huckaby on The Art of Painting: A Conversation with President Bush's Art Instructors at The George W. Bush Presidential Center.

Watch an interview of Gail Norfleet in her studio, by Eric Miller and Lin Wang on Art After X.

The Garden is closed due to damage from the recent storm.
We will send an email announcement when it reopens. Thank you for understanding.

Watch Mary Vernon's recent Artist Talk on YouTube.

Watch more artist talks and interviews on our YouTube channel.

Search in advance of your visit with Artwork Search and save your selections in My Collection.
Call 972-239-2441 to confirm availability.

Watch a video by Quin Mathews Films of the Valley House Sculpture Garden in bloom.

Regular Hours are Monday-Saturday, 10:00am-5:00pm.

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