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Sculpture Garden 

The Valley House Sculpture Garden, originally designed by renowned landscape architect Clarence Roy in 1959, is sited on 4.5 wooded acres in far North Dallas. The Garden won a major design award in 1960 for the best garden design for the size category. For a number of years the gallery hosted spring exhibitions of many notable sculptors including, Charles Umlauf, Sorrel Etrog, David Cargill, and a one-person show of Henry Moore in 1969. When Erika Farkac, the chief designer at Lambert Landscaping Co. from 1962 to 1980, retired to private practice and married gallery director Donald Vogel, she immediately began to further enhance the gardens. Every spring has brought new features, new flowerbed designs, and the continual fine-tuning of an ongoing work in progress. Erika has created a garden rich in colors, textures, and surprises.

Currently on view in the garden are works by Charles Umlauf, Mike Cunningham, Charles Williams, Nat Neujean, David Hayes, Deborah Ballard, Alex Corno, David Dreyer, and Michael O'Keefe.

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