19th, 20th and Early 21st Century 

Valley House Gallery's roots are firmly linked to 19th and early 20th century American and European paintings, drawings, and fine prints. In the early 1950's, Valley House Gallery had direct access into the estate of great French dealer Ambroise Vollard. This relationship culminated with the estate permitting Valley House Gallery to introduce to the world a suite of fifty-four paintings by Georges Rouault known as the Passion, one of the most important liturgical artworks created in this century.

Since 1954, through reputation and performance, we have developed a strong network of associates allowing us access to important works of art worldwide. If you are a collector looking for work by a specific artist or of a specific period, a novice who is developing an interest in fine art, or are just searching for an appropriate artwork to fill an important space in your home, we may be of service.

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